QIC celebrates International Womena��s Day, Launches bespoke ladies car insurance

QIC celebrates International Womena��s Day, Launches bespoke ladies car insurance

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Qatar Insurance Company (QIC), Qatara��s flagship insurance company celebrated International Womena��s Day to mark the significant contribution that women at QIC had made for the success of the company. Women are an essential part of the talent pool in of any industry and insurance being a vital sector of the economy is no exception.

Being progressive in its outlook, QIC recognises and lauds the significant contributions made by their lady employees to the success of the company and the insurance sector on a broader front.

Speaking on the key contribution made by women at QIC, Senior Deputy Group President and CEO of QIC Group, Mr. Ali Al Fadala commented: a�?At QIC, we acknowledge womena��s important contribution and participation in our business and the role they play in the society and the economy. We take pride in supporting and inspiring women to become future leaders in their respective fields.a�?

He remarked: a�?We endeavour to provide access to quality education, which is an important tool for womena��s empowerment. Empowered through education, talented women can develop the necessary skill-sets to transform into inspiring young women and future leaders of QIC. For example, we offer various scholarship programmes to women to enable them to complete their graduation from universities in Qatar, UK and the US. Some of the sponsored students have now been recruited in leadership positions in various departments at QIC.


Mr. Fadala asserted, a�?At QIC, we support our women employees in realising their true potential and we acknowledge them for their enterprise and sincere dedication. Ms. Layla Al-Jaida, Vice President, Retail Department at QIC, has been serving the group for over a decade. She has served as an excellent role model and mentor to the younger generation of Qatari ladies who have later joined our Group.a�?

Ms. Layla Al-Jaida said, a�?QIC has provided me with a platform to discover, realise and demonstrate my true potential, which is the most gratifying experience for which I could have wished.a�?

To mark International Womena��s Day, QIC has launched a bespoke ladiesa�� comprehensive car insurance product, which is bundled with discounts on spa and

other treatments from Guerlain Al Fardan Spa, a complimentary three-day access pass from Fitness First and a complimentary annual membership of Voucher Clubs, which offers attractive discounts from leading spas, restaurants and hotels in Qatar. In addition, the ladies comprehensive car insurance package also provides discounts on QICa��s Travel and Home insurance policies.

As a token of appreciation, the Management presented a special ladies gift hamper to all the women employees to acknowledge them for their achievement and significant contribution.

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