QIC Group unveils corporate video at the cinema theatres

QIC Group unveils corporate video at the cinema theatres

May 15, 2018 (0) comment


In view of raising awareness of its growing global footprint amongst the nationals and the residents of Qatar, Qatar Insurance Group -Qatar’s leading insurance group has developed a corporate video. Soon to be broadcasted at the cinema theatres, QIC Group’s immersive corporate video sets out to deliver the key message of its diversification strategy and growing global footprint in various geographies across the globe.

Commenting on the launch of the corporate video, Mr. Ali Fadala, Senior Deputy Group President & CEO of QIC Group stated, “QIC Group’s corporate video marks an important milestone in the Group’s growth trajectory. It is a powerful visual that has captured the evolution of QIC from being a domestic insurer to an insurance powerhouse of international repute. Notably, the video also casts a spotlight on QIC Group’s strategy of diversification and ways of fulfilling its vision of being ranked amongst the global top 50 insurers.”

He further added, “As depicted in the video, we will continue to intensify our efforts in 2018 and beyond towards pursuing our goals. Pursuant to our international growth strategy, we will continue to tap into new markets as we find appropriate.”


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